• Omaha, Nebraska USA, October 2015

Smoothie takeover is a participatory art work. It interacts directly with the audience, making every piece a different experience. The aim of smoothie takeover is to make it a global movement smoothie takeover and involving as many people in the work. Buy a smoothie or take a more active role.  See here how you can join us. This page serves as a documentations of all smoothie takeover, where it has taken place, responses of the audience and artist!

Smoothie Takeover Events

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Fellow Smoothie Takeover artists

Amelia Kidwell

As an artist upholsterer, I wholly support the concept of wanting to smooth out the rough, hard edges of this mad world.


Mark Vennegoor

Started Smoothie Takeover and is looking for more team members that perform Smoothie Takeover.

Daniel Avery

Founder & CEO. Having worked in some of New York’s biggest agencies, Daniel’s radical vision required a newfound venture.

  • “Smoothie took me over”

    - Jon Hopkins, Immunity

  • “What an exciting experience, thank you smoothie takeover”

    - Jesse Ware, Devotion

  • “This is completely new to me, but I love this art!”

    - Will Saul, Close