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Or better said “Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Smoothie Takeover” is an art project of

Mark Vennegoor. Through a performance of selling banana smoothies, stitching

banana skins on vinyl, and buying shares from the profit of Del Monte Produce Inc.,

he is reflecting on the complicated structures of international (fruit) trade. How this

has changed our taste, values and understanding of sharing. Through this art project,

the participants will be able to explore a new perception on the complex relations

between the production process and global consumption. The art performance will

make this relation more visible and sensible for the audience, and allows for

reflection on their attitude.

Depending on the stock prices and the profit per smoothie, around 65 billion of

smoothies need to be sold to take over Del Monte Produce Inc. It is estimated that Mark

would be selling smoothies (fulltime) for around 25.000 years, to take over the company.

Explore the project, the artworks and funky stands and find out how you can participate!