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    Smoothie takeover is intended as a “Gesamtkunstwerk”, in collaboration with artist, NGO’s, business people, researchers, festival organisers and those who are interested in the ability to affect existing structures through artistic interventions.

“Smoothie Takeover”/“Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Smoothie Takeover” is an art project initiated by Mark Vennegoor. Through a performance of selling banana smoothies and buying shares from the profit of Del Monte Produce Inc. (a global producer, marketer and distributor of fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables), it is reflecting on the complicated structures of international (fruit) trade. How this has changed our taste, values and understanding of sharing.

The viewer is invited to participate in the art project,  creating an own selling performance as well as registered art work, by stitching banana skins on vinyl.

Explore the project, the transformation of banana skin paintings and the creative self-made stands and find out how you can participate and get your own art work!

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Fresh Del Monte

  • To take over Del Monte Produce, one person would have to sell full time banana smoothies for over 100.000 years. Therefore only participatory art makes sense.

  • Its not about the art market nor about shareholder value, but about sharing value

  • It makes better sense that art takes over business instead of business taking over art!

  • Become a fellow artist of Smoothie Takeover. Build your own creative selling booth and participate!

Smoothie takeover

A worldwide performance
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Looking for the perfect teambuilding workshop?

A creative Smoothie Takeover teambuilding workshop with your colleagues or friends will build a smooth team! We build from recycled pallets a nice bar, where we at the end of our hard work enjoy a Fresh Smoothie Takeover smoothie. Active, thought stimulating, energetic, healthy and fun!  In interactive ways we focus on your goals as we adapt every workshop on your specific needs. Contact us for a free quote!